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Spring Cleaning Sale! Up to 50% Sale Items
Spring Cleaning Sale! Up to 50% Sale Items

Fresh Sea Salt Vanity Tin

by Illume
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Crafted with ocean-inspired sea salt, infused with delicate notes of jasmine, and enhanced by a subtle breeze. Meticulously handcrafted with quality wax and wicks, these versatile candles are suitable for any space, whether it be at home or in the office. Illumes' eye-catching vanity tins feature a charming wrap label on a textured surface, adorned with metallic accents and a colored rolled edge that complements the wax color. Illume carefully chose a tin for its ability to beautifully illuminate and its infinite recyclability. PRO TIP: These tins have a peek-a-boo interior, making them perfect for display even when unlit and open, creating a gentle fragrance in the surroundings. * Net Weight: 11.8oz * Size: 3.75" x 3.75" x 3.5" * Burn Time: 50 hours * Number of Wicks: 1 * Vegan * Cruelty-free * Made with Plant-based Wax


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