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Spring Cleaning Sale! Up to 50% Sale Items
Rustic Design…Function At It’s Best! - Bratton House

Rustic Design…Function At It’s Best!

Antiques work in beautifully with most any style, however, it is extremely easy to be innovative if u are into the rustic country look! Function can be brought in ad working, decorative pieces and so easy and fun to accessorize with some of the old things that were just part of the everyday chiefdom of the country settlers. Comfort is the key word with Country Decor. The Quilts, the crockery, the simple dishes and Silversmithing and Copperworks for the kitchen are so to be admired and appreciated.

There was a magazine in production years back called “Reminiscence.” This publication depicted “the day in the life” of the country folk and provided yummy recipes and various hints to make country living a bit less tedious! Some of the sought after items for country or primitive decor lovers are oil lamps, doilies and wooden ironing boards and the old cordless irons- - also, baby cradles that rock, quilt assortments, milk stools, pitchers and bowls for the “abbreviated baths,” and the stands for these can be very primitive or elaborately enhanced with marble, granite and tile work; this makes for a beautiful backdrop for the variety of pitcher and bowl sets!

The tatted tea towels and table linens, as well as the dishes are all huge collectibles! As well, the copper tea kettles, wash boards and the embroidered pillow cases…Bratton’s had them all! All this is perfect for your little cabin OR your sprawling log home- - it all works alongside your modern conveniences. Even country decor for the minimalist’s would possess their crystal, cut glass and good china!

The beds were done very cleverly…the box springs or “supports” were tied ropes and it is said that when the hosts didn’t want their guests “overstaying their welcome…” they would loosen the ropes/box springs (ha) so the bed would sag; they wouldn’t sleep well and, hence, go home! Within the Country Decor, you have the Shaker style, the Primitive, the Early American and the French Country. Each are unique but they still possess and share the easy living and comfortable (museum like) features and make us want to stay home and read a book or sit in the porch swing with our coffee to watch the sunrise or sunsets!!!


By Jody Godfrey

Home Decor Specialist

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